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"At Cossé International Securities, we measure our success by the growth in wealth of our clients, not by trophies or plaques."

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Meet Charles Cossé

The principal of Cossé International Securities, Charles B. Cossé, is a seasoned portfolio strategist and highly-experienced pilot.

He's navigated and flown Cessna-182s in 21 countries including Australia, as well as a number of southern African countries; as a result he holds pilot licenses for the United States, Republic of South Africa, and Australia. He knows the importance of skilled navigation, not only in the air, but in the stock market. You can't always know what you will encounter in either, so it's good to have a skilled navigator available to guide you when you need one.

• Graduate of Princeton University in economics. Served as corporate economist for Pacific Northwest Bell Telephone Co., a former AT&T affiliate.

• Founded Cossé International in 1972 to give clients personalized, individualized service.

• Majority of clients have been investing through the firm for 30 years or more. When people find us they tend to stay, because they are pleased with the investment results, year in and year out.

• Diligent student of the markets, conducting intensive research to do ongoing technical and performance analysis of equities.

• Strategizes portfolio positions using a proactive style of investing designed to reap the highest possible gains for his clients.

• Gives clients a weekly update on current Portfolio Strategy through a clients-only hotline.

• Manages his own personal assets along with those of his clients.

• Knows commercial income-producing real estate as well as financial markets. Served for 10 years as board member of National Apartment Association including 4 years as vice president.

• Believes in the importance of educated investing. View the CIS University section for a wealth of information about investing as well as personal finance.

• Avid runner, round-the-world pilot and boater.

• He presently owns a Cessna-182, which is a remarkable work-horse of an airplane. He flew this single-engine Cessna across the North Atlantic on two occasions, and has flown all of the world's Arctic regions except Siberia. You're welcome to read more...

• Board member/patron of Seattle Opera, board member of Tahoma Clinic Foundation, and patron of Seattle Milk Fund.

• Married with five children.

If you would like a portfolio consultation with Mr. Cossé, please call 206-624-6651 or 800-759-1355. There is absolutely no cost or obligation for talking with him, either on the phone or in our downtown Seattle office. Or, you can request information online.

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